Effluent treatment plants

  • hospital waste water treatment plant
  • effluent hdpe tank for waste water treatment acid and chlorine chock

Meeting the effluent compliance

Our principles of treatment vary according to the nature of the risk to be eliminated. For laboratories effluents for example, our plant carry an automated hypochlorite shock (Between 50 and 150ppm / 20 min) in order to destruct bacteria's and viruses.

The MEDICAL PROCESS treatment plant also allows the recycling of waste heat emitted by the laundry or wash for example through heat exchangers integrated circuits.

Many options can be integrated into our solutions such as touchpad monitoring screen, data saving, and radioactivity measurement system.

We use different sheet thicknesses of high density polyethylene according to precise calculations to always guarantee the physical, chemical and thermal resistance of our tanks.

Upon delivery of the installation, our team also provides training to the user's staff for the use, the maintenance and the safety details of the plant.

Example of French laws concerning waste water treatment:

Arrêté du 16 juillet 2007
Circulaire du 18 février 2011
Circulaire du 2 mai 2002
Circulaire du 26 avril 2002
Circulaire du 30 juillet 2004...