No mix separation toilets

  • No mix separation toilets
  • radioactive urine separative toilets

Separative toilets for radioactive injection rooms

Separation of urine of patients treated with iodine-131, reducing waste effluent volumes in the radioactive treatment plant.

The radiactivity concentrates mostly in the urine. For that, this double flush separation toilet should be installed in the injected patient rooms and service. The urine only in collected and directed towards our treatment plant.

Small flush: 0,3 L.

Quick push during 1s

Big flush : 2,5 L.

Longer push during more than 1.5s

  • Weight : 30 Kg
  • Fastening by adhesive bonding
  • Connection: stainless steel hose 1/2”
  • Water tank volume :
  • Big : 2,5 L, Small : 0,3 L
  • Diameter for urine evacuation : 50mm
  • Diameter for faeces: 110mm
  • White plastic folding seat included