Reverse Osmosis RO

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Dialysis Water production

Our automatic Reverse Osmosis machines offer reliable water purification production for dialysis machines. The purified water can be stored in our UV RO storage HDPE tank for a continuous disinfection avoiding bacteria development.

RO is the most trusted water purification technology used in purifying water for hemodialysis process. A typical dialysis water system combines Pre filter or Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. No matter what your source water is, we provide a safe, reliable water purifier system that is designed to produce water to ensure safe, high quality care for hemodialysis patients. 

  • Advanced system design
  • Stops bacterial contamination
  • Integrated micron pre-filtration
  • Integrated membrane cleaning system
  • Simple in operation and easy to maintain
  • Complete system automation capabilities
  • Assured quality and consistent performance
  • Continuous membrane and pump protection
  • Reliable performance and operation flexibility
  • Advanced thin film composite membrane technology
  • Long membrane life with improved fouling and chemical resistance