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Prefiltration membranes and consumables

This product is designed to remove most of the particles, organic compounds and chlorine from tap water to protect RO membranes.Three choices of Prefilter are available for installation.
Composed by multiple filters of different grades, the multiple prefiltration preserve the equipments from sediments, algae, rust, etc…  Depending on the configuration, our prefiltration kits will fit the requirements for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and domestic use.

The active charcoal filter can complete the treatment by stopping the chlorine, smells, organic contaminants, pesticides, etc…

Based on the same principle as the prefiltration from surgical sinks protecting the 0.2µ end filters, the prefiltration can be installed before the osmosis kit to preserve its membrane.

  • Conformity check
  • Eco friendly
  • Safe systems equipped with alarms
  • Custom solutions to meets your needs